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Woman dies after ocean rescue at Killalea

A woman has died after being swept into the ocean off Killalea Beach while rock fishing with her husband on Saturday morning.

The couple was fishing off rocks in Killalea State Park at Shell Cove early in the morning when the man noticed his wife was missing.

Police received a Triple Zero call from the man around 6.36am, and a search was initiated involving surf lifesavers, Wollongong police, Shellharbour Marine Rescue and the Wollongong Ambulance Rescue helicopter.

discount ray bans 48 year old woman was sighted in the ocean about 7.30am by the helicopter crew and a SLSA jetboat retrieved her from the ocean.

She was taken to the Minnamurra boat ramp where CPR was initiated by surf lifesavers before NSW Ambulance paramedics took over; however, she died at the scene.

At a briefing at Oak Flats police station at 12.30pm, Sergeant Susan Huggins of Lake Illawarra Police said the couple, who were Asian, were believed to be from Sydney.

”The woman was not wearing a life vest,” Sgt Huggins said.

”We have
replica ray ban sunglasses had quite rough surf conditions down here this week.

”The South Coast is a popular spot for rock fishing and this is not an isolated incident so I would remind anyone undertaking that form of recreation to use the correct safety devices.”

Sgt Huggins said investigations were ongoing and police from Lake Illawarra Local Area Command would prepare a brief for the coroner.

She urged witnesses or anyone with information
cheap ray bans in relation to the incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Always letting family or friends know where you are going and when you’ll be back; Never fish by yourself,
discount ray bans fish in a group of at least three people and keep in sight of each other. If someone is washed into the water one person should keep watch while the other alerts emergency services;Wear light clothing that will let you swim easily if you are washed in;Wear a life jacket and carry safety gear including ropes and torches;Never fish in exposed areas, especially during rough or large seas;Observe first and fish later. Make sure you know the swell and wave cycle, and what the tides are doing;Plan an escape route in case you get washed in. Stay calm if you are washed in. Swim away from rocks and look for a safe place to come in or stay afloat and wait for help to arrive;Stay alert.Articles Connexes:


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Petkovic wins Family Circle Cup

(AP) Andrea Petkovic remembered why she started playing tennis and along the way gave everyone else a reminder about how talented she is when she’s at her best.

The 26 year old from Germany, who fell from ninth in the world in 2011 to 177th two years later, capped a stunning run to the Family Circle Cup title on Sunday, Petkovic’s first win in three years.

"I just wanted to get back to why I started playing tennis, because I had fun playing it and because I love the sport," said Petkovic, whose progresses was slowed by several injuries that cost her much of 2012.

The climb back was painful at times. Petkovic wanted to quit the game after falling in French Open qualifying last year and wondered if she’d ever feel success at the sport again. So she decided to play for fun and not for the wins.

"I just needed to remind myself and it came together this week, and I’m very thrilled about that," she said.

Petkovic entered this one seeded 14th, ranked 40th in the world and with few expectations about her first clay court event of the season.

Instead, Petkovic’s powerful forehand and grind it out mindset helped her oust three straight top 10 seeds in No. 4 Sabine Lisicki, No. 9 Lucie Safarova and No. 6 Eugenie Bouchard on the way to the finals.

Petkovic used that same formula against Cepelova, a rising 20 year old from Slovakia
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fake ray bans WTA final.

Cepelova led 5 4 and was a point away from capturing the first set. But Petkovic rallied to win that game and begin a run of eight in a row to take control of the match.

"I have to let loose and play like I can," she told herself.

Petkovic was energized after winning the crucial game and quickly broke serve to move in front. She took the set a game later and continued her run to build a 5 0 lead that Cepelova could not overcome.

For Petkovic, the victory was more gratifying than her two other career WTA wins because of all her struggles. This "is a different feeling," she said. "Now, I’m much more grateful. It’s more rewarding."

Petkovic dropped to the ground when Cepelova’s final shot landed out of play. She jogged to the net to hug her opponent, waved to the crowd and did a celebration dance as fans applauded.

She let her fun side shine through all week. She joked in postgame comments she might get a bit crazy on the flight back home, dancing with flight attendants and drinking champagne from her latest trophy.

"I’m going to have champagne and I don’t even drink champagne," she said. "But I’m going to have it for the heck of it."

Petkovic earned $120,000 for her third
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Petkovic’s victory closed a week of surprises at the Family Circle Tennis Center. Only one of
cheap ray bans the tournament’s top 10 seeds made it through to the final four and it was the first time a WTA tournament included three semifinalists 20 years old or younger since Amelia Island in 2008.Articles Connexes:


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but questions remain

Toledo, Ohio A water ban that had hundreds of thousands of people in Ohio and Michigan scrambling for drinking water has been lifted,
fake ray bans Toledo’s mayor announced Monday.

Mayor D. Michael Collins lifted the ban at a Monday morning news conference, and said the city’s drinking water is safe. "Our water is safe," he declared after test results in six neighborhoods came back.

Ohio’s fourth largest city warned residents not to use city water early Saturday after tests at one treatment plant showed readings for microcystin above the standard for consumption, most likely from algae on the lake. Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency.

Recommended: Could you pass a US citizenship test? Find out.

Early Monday, Collins kept in place an advisory against drinking or using the water pending additional tests. news conference, Collins said it was his decision to keep the advisory in place at least into the morning hours, even though latest test results suggest the algae induced toxin contaminating Lake Erie had probably dissipated to safe levels. The mayor said two tests had come back "too close for comfort."

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With the warning, worried residents told not to drink, brush their teeth or wash dishes with the water descended on truckloads of bottled water delivered from across the state. The Ohio National Guard was using water purification systems to produce drinkable water.

Oliver Arnold, of Toledo, loaded up on bottled water Sunday so that he could give baths to his six children, including 4 month old twins. "We’re going through a lot. I know by tomorrow, we’re going to be looking for water again," he said.

Some hospitals canceled elective surgeries and were sending surgical equipment that needed sterilized to facilities outside the water emergency, said Bryan Biggie, disaster coordinator for ProMedica hospitals in Toledo.

Drinking the water could cause vomiting, cramps and rashes. But no serious illnesses had been reported by late Sunday. Health officials advised children and those with weak immune systems to avoid showering or bathing in the water.

Amid the emergency, discussion began to center around how to stop the pollutants fouling the lake that supplies drinking water for 11 million people.

"People are finally waking up to the fact that this is not acceptable," Collins said.

The toxins that contaminated the region’s drinking water supply didn’t just suddenly appear.

Water plant operators along western Lake Erie have long been worried about this very scenario as a growing number of algae blooms have turned the water into a pea soup color in recent summers, leaving behind toxins that can sicken people and kill pets.

In fact, the problems on the shallowest of the five Great Lakes brought on by farm runoff and sludge from sewage treatment plants have been building for more than a decade.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a satellite image showing a small but concentrated algae bloom centered right where Toledo draws
cheap ray bans its water supply, said Jeff Reutter, head of the Ohio Sea Grant research lab.

The bloom was much smaller than in past years and isn’t expected to peak until early September. But instead of being pushed out to the middle of the lake, winds and waves drove the algae toward the shore, he said.

"Weather conditions made it such that bloom was going right into the water intakes," said Reutter, who has been studying the lake since the 1970s, when it was severely polluted.

The amount of phosphorus going into the lake has risen every year since the mid 1990s. "We’re right back to where we were in the ’70s," Reutter said.

Almost a year ago, one township just east of Toledo told its 2,000 residents not to drink or use the water coming from their taps. That was believed to be the first time a city has banned residents from using the water because of toxins from algae in the lake.

Researchers largely blame the algae’s resurgence on manure and chemical fertilizer from farms that wash into the lake along with sewage treatment plants. Leaky septic tanks and stormwater drains
discount ray bans have contributed, too. Combined, they flush huge amounts of phosphorus into the lake.

Environmental groups and water researchers have been calling on Ohio and other states in the Great Lakes region to drastically reduce the amount of phosphorus flowing into the lake. Ohio lawmakers this past spring took a step toward tackling the algae problem when they enacted a law requiring most farmers to undergo training before they use commercial fertilizers on their fields. But they have stopped short of mandating restrictions on farmers. officials, said last year urgent steps are needed to reduce phosphorus applied to fields, suggesting among other things that states ban the spread of manure on frozen or snow covered ground.

That report came after a state task force in Ohio called for a 40 percent reduction in all forms of phosphorus going into the lake.

Agriculture industry groups have been asking farmers for more than a year to reduce phosphorus runoff before government regulators step in and impose their own restrictions.

"We’re clearly showing progress," Reutter said. "You have to decide for yourself whether you
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In Michigan, Detroit’s 4 million user water system gets its water from Lake Huron and the Detroit River. In the face of the Toledo water crisis, Detroit officials plan to review their contamination procedures Monday, water department Deputy Director Darryl Latimer told The Detroit News. He said it was unlikely Detroit would face a problem like Toledo’s.Articles Connexes:


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How GOP obstructionism empowered the presidency

Listening to Rep. Louis Gohmert’s (R TX) revanchistlogicfor his failed bid to oust John Boehner as speaker of the House earlier this month, you’d think the tea party wing of the Republican Party had been working with President Obama. "[We amnesty tooth and nail. We’ll use the powers of the purse," Gohmert vowed in an interview with Fox Newsduring which he repeatedly associated Boehner with Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. "We’ll have better oversight. We’ll fight to defund ObamaCare."

Unfortunately for any Republican who sincerely wants to curb the power of the presidency, Gohmert’s strategy is as ineffective as the only slightly less obstructionist methods employed by Boehner. Indeed, Obama already has emerged as a particularly ambitious and effective lame duck president precisely because he has been faced with one of the most uncompromising and hyper partisan Congresses in American history. By forcing him to work outside the legislative branch to pursue his policy goals, tea party Republicans like Gohmert have actually empowered Obama and with him the office of the presidency to an unexpected degree.

"Tea party Republicans like Gohmert have actually empowered Obama"First there was immigration reform. After Republicans in Congress held up Obama’s immigration reform bill until it failed, the president issued an executive order on Nov. 20 that accomplished much of what his original bill had hoped to do. For about 5 million of America’s roughly11 million undocumented immigrants, it will extend work permits and protect them from deportation; in addition, it ordered law enforcement to prioritize undocumented residents with criminal records or other histories of violent activity, expanded the number of high tech visas, and loosened restrictions on highly educated and skilled foreign residents. It was a move that led historian Douglas Brinkley to predict Obama would be remembered as a "folk hero to Latino Americans" and instead of being able to share credit with the president, Republicans will be remembered as his rigid opponents.

Next there was climate change. "The Republican Party had grown increasingly hostile to the science of global warming and to cap and
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet trade," wrote Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker in a piece on the failure of Obama’s 2010 climate change bill to pass the Senate. "By not automatically resisting everything connected to Obama," Lizza added, "these senators [Republicans who might support the bill] risked angering Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader and architect of the strategy to oppose every part of Obama’s agenda, and the Tea Party movement, which seemed to be gaining power
Michael kors handbags outlet every day." Consequently, Obama is currently in the process of finalizing a historic agreement with China (which along with the United States is responsible for one third of all greenhouse emissions) that his administration negotiated in secret and will commit America to reduce its emissions to at least 26% of its 2005 levels by 2025 and hold China to aggressively seek alternate energy sources and make its greenhouse output peaks before 2030. As Jonathan R. Nash of
replica Michael Kors outlet The Hill opined,"the existence of a ratified treaty might empower the executive branch to take broader
Michael Kors handbags outlet steps toward national reductions than it could in the absence of a treaty."

Related:Obama unveils free community college ‘game changer there is Cuba. After more than half a century of diplomatic hostility, Obama announced that the United States would move to restore full diplomatic relations with its southern neighbor, as well as expand trade and travel. Although Republicans have discussed using funding for the Department of Homeland Security as a weapon to thwart Obama’s agenda on Cuba, the reality is that their best weapon on this issue as with any foreign policy matter involving matters of statecraft, which is constitutionally assigned to the president was the potential ability to leverage future support for other measures important to him in return for ceding to their wishes (or at least compromising with them) on this one. But by making it clear that there is little chance they will ever work with him, Republicans have left the president with no incentive to consult them on matters that lie strictly within the realm of his prerogatives.

When historians look back at the Obama era, they will be struck by the contrast between the first two years of his presidency during which, with
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet the 111th Congress, Obama passed more landmark progressive legislation than any president since Lyndon Johnson and the final six years of his administration, in which the most recent congress reached such heights of obstructionism that they will go down as the single least productive legislative body in American history. Despite this obstacle, Obama is likely to be remembered as a very successful president (as I’ve discussed before), if for no other reason than he managed to meet so many legitimate national needs (ending the Great Recession he inherited from Bush, addressing the crisis in America’s health care system) with so few tools at his disposal.

Yet even that isn’t the most salient takeaway of the continuing battle between the Republican establishment figures like Boehner and more conservative members like Gohmert. Far more important than the leadership of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, or even of Obama’s legacy, is the precedent they have established for executive leadership. By making it impossible for this president to govern with Congress, Republicans
replica Michael Kors handbags has taught
cheap Michael Kors future presidents how to do what they want without legislative sanction. The Grand Old Party, which has so long claimed to fight against the expansion of
Michael Kors handbags central power, has created the conditions that essentially guaranteed its growth.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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Have Items Just In Time For Toronto Fashion Week PHOTOS

If you told an American you were putting on your "toque", they’d probably give you a mighty confused raised eyebrow.

Well, we’d kind of like to keep it that way. Since Toronto Fashion Week begins this week, we wanted to give a nod to some of the iconic fashion items we have so lovingly kept distinctly Canadian.

From toques to the Roots sweaters, Canada has truly earned its unique place in the world of fashion. We hate to admit that sometimes our European friends often overshadow us but we have certainly made our mark with at least 10 iconic clothing and accessories straight from the Great White North.

You may own a piece
cheap michael kors or two so we encourage you to style it with your favourite designer pieces if you plan on attending one of the many exciting runway shows during Toronto Fashion Week.

Story continues below the slideshow:

The Toque

It keeps you toasty warm and is
Michael Kors handbags outlet equally stylish. The
cheap Michael Kors outlet toque, known to Americans as a "beanie" is a knitted winter hat that comes
Michael Kors handbag outlet in endless styles, colours and embellishments.

Even celebs such as Justin Bieber have been known to embrace their Canadian roots by sporting a toque or two. But Canadian celebrities aren’t the only ones who love some good toque action. British model Cara Delevingne has become the patron saint of toques, wearing one almost everyday of her life.

Roots Leather Backpack

We’re really glad backpacks are back in vogue so we can go out and pick up another iconic Canadian accessory, the Roots leather backpack. The high quality, 100 per cent leather backpack has been part of Canada’s fashion history for as long as we can remember (it’s made entirely in Canada too) and we can’t think of a better way to support a brand so near and dear to our hearts.

Roots Crew Sweatshirt (The One With The Beaver On It)

We remember wanting a Roots sweater so bad it hurt. It was the ultimate in cool and guess what? It still is! The classic Roots staple with the beaver icon will forever endure in Canada’s fashion consciousness. It’s one piece we’ll be able to hand down happily to the next generation without a sneer and a big "ew" from our children.

Hey, Rihanna wore it and she’s the ultimate in cool. The feminine silhouette paired with the Bay’s classic stripes make this coat a memorable and enduring piece for all closets.

Canadian Olympic Mittens

wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Canadian Olympic team’s signature red mittens are always a hot commodity. The latest edition of the
fake Michael kors handbags outlet mitts for 2014 was just revealed, featuring
Michael kors handbags outlet a white maple leaf in the palm and a big declaration of Canadian pride with the word "CAN" on the other side.

The ever popular red mittens, which debuted in 2010, even spawned a column in The Vancouver Sun aptly titled, "The Red Mitten Diary," which featured various important people and celebs wearing the mittens. Look! It’s NBC’s Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer showing some love to Canada with their red mitts.

Canada Goose Parka

replica Michael Kors outlet a result, we can now legitimately place the Canada Goose parka in Canadian fashion icon territory. The iconic boot was recently given as a gift to one celebrity who doesn’t even know he’s a celebrity yet, Kate Middleton’s son Prince George.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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The World’s 10 Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors

As a former reporter on Forbes’ wealth team, I covered the world’s 1,820+ billionaires, examining how they made, spend, and gave away their fortunes. I first joined Forbes as an intern in 2012, covering startups and entrepreneurship. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud , or get in touch: nrobehmed(at)forbes(dot)com.

They say money
cheap Michael Kors can’t buy you love but for some mates, it can certainly sweeten the deal. We counted up 1,645 of the world’s richest in the Forbes’ Billionaires list, but just 3% of these billionaires have never tied the knot. By our definition, and the dictionary’s, a bachelor
cheap Michael Kors is an unmarried man. So what if they have a girlfriend? That certainly doesn’t mean they are off the market. In that spirit, we have narrowed down the billionaire singletons to present 10 of the most eligible
cheap Michael Kors outlet bachelors including several who, at least for now, do seem to be taken.

Among our top 10 picks are three new, youngish billionaires, Drew Houston of Dropbox, Jan Koum of WhatsApp, and Jonathan Oringer of Shutterstock Shutterstock, who still rents an apartment in the West Village and flies his
Cheap Michael Kors handbags own helicopter. While Koum has recently been snapped with an unnamed beauty tabloids say is his girlfriend and Houston has previously been linked to Dorm Room Fund’s CeCe Cheng, these self made men have yet to wed.

Also on our list is a castle dwelling, race car driving royal, Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Twitter and Square’s tattooed cofounder, Jack Dorsey, who is reportedly dating yoga instructor Kate Greer, and dashing beer baron Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila, who has historically been linked to publishing heiress Amanda Hearst and Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson.

We don’t include eligible divorcees like Elon Musk, whose fortune has more than tripled in the past twelve months. Worth $8.2 billion this year
fake Michael Kors thanks to the rising stock of
cheap Michael Kors handbags Tesla Motors, the electric carmaker he founded, Musk told FORBES in 2012 that he still believes in love: "Yeah, absolutely."

Potential pursuants take heart billionaires have fallen in love with women
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet who aren’t models or heiresses. Natasha Bacigalupo was once a young Forbes reporter who met publishing billionaire Dirk Ziff while on assignment in the 1990s; she is now his wife. Mark
replica Michael Kors handbags Zuckerberg met his spouse, Priscilla Chan, as a first year at Harvard. Could you be next?Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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9bn profit as
fake Michael Kors customers struggle to heat
discount Michael Kors homes

The owner
Michael Kors handbag outlet of British Gas is expected to announce it raked in profits of 1.9billion last year or 60 a second as customers were handed paltry cuts in bills.

Centrica’s predicted windfall will infuriate hard up households who are making savings as low as 71p a week, despite
cheap Michael Kors wholesale costs plunging.

cheap Michael Kors fatcats have been waltzing off with huge profits while cutting customer bills by a measly 5% and delaying the change until the end of this month.

Critics believe Centrica raked in an extra 50million by putting off the reduction while toothless regulator Ofgem does nothing to tackle the scandal.

Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint said: "If wholesale costs fall, the savings should be passed on to customers, not kept by the energy companies.

"These massive profits show why the Tories and Lib Dems were so wrong to vote against Labour’s plans to give the regulator the power to cut energy prices.

Poll loading
Michael Kors handbag outlet end of widget id: 1489271, name: poll, view: yesNoPoll >

"Labour is committed to making big changes in our energy market, freezing prices until 2017 so that bills can fall, not rise and giving the regulator the power to force companies to cut their prices when wholesale costs fall." Households will
Cheap Michael Kors handbags finally see the 5% reduction in bills on February 27 nearly six weeks after the wholesale costs drop was announced.

Centrica bosses will no doubt moan that profits are down from the 2.7billion it banked in 2013. The firm is also expected to blame last year’s mild weather for the sharp fall in profits.

Gas consumption was down 21% in the first 10 months of 2014, with electricity falling 7%, the firm said in November.

But the whinging is unlikely to get much
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet sympathy from customers still struggling to pay sky high bills amid a cost of living crisis sparked by Tory cuts.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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Browse the latest Entertainment

All the fireworks of the Married At First Sight finalTHREE of the social experiment’s four couples say yes to continuing their relationships. Two of the couples are still together after time
cheap Michael Kors away from the cameras.TV Go Queenslander: Jess and Ayden win Renovation RumbleTHE Gold Coast parents are
fake Michael Kors celebrating their
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet victory for the Two Little Boys To Avene charity. They plan to turn their reno skills to building their own home. Reply1 comment50 Cent
Michael Kors outlet wants to collaborate with Zayn MalikLily Allen suffers minor burns in gas explosionFeatured Real EstateLot 1/ 1 Raptor Place, Pelican
cheap michael kors Waters 4551Date Listed 22 Jun,
Michael Kors handbags outlet 2015 The
replica Michael Kors outlet owners have decided
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet it’s time to go, the high seas are calling them. Move into Pelican Waters most exclusive and best address. This architectural four bedroom.13 Midden Place, Pelican Waters 4551Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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Why you MUST reject a job offer gracefully

This is good news for the candidates, but not necessarily for the employers. Obviously, thedisappearing act proves inconvenient for the company.

The National Association of Software and Service Companies, an organisation that represents and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian software industry, is planning to create a list of such candidates who do not show up after accepting an offer. This list can be accessed by all major companies to check for any such behaviour
cheap Michael Kors handbags by candidates in the past. Such candidates may also be blacklisted, making it difficult for them to work for reputed companies in the future.

"While you are excited about taking that dream offer, it is your professional responsibility to intimate other employers who also offered you a job," says Shashank Dixit, CEO of Pune based Krawler Networks.

It could be the compensation, job profile, location or perhaps
Michael Kors discounts all of them, but saying ‘No’ appropriately will make sure the organisation keeps its
replica Michael Kors handbags doors open for you in future.

Be quick to say No

Intimate the organisation as soon as you have made your decision. Send an e mail or letter addressed to the HR manager at least 7 10days prior to your date of joining. The company may be counting on you to fill that opening, so this kind of advance notice will help
cheap Michael Kors them plan a back up or offer the same position to someone else.

Be friendly, but firm

You do not need to feel guilty about not joining a company. Do not beat around the bush and be apologetic. Let them know you have decided not to take up their offer. Thank each person who interviewed you, and wish them and their company continued success.

"The job market, especially for techies, is overvalued. The bubble will burst soon, so it’s time they rolled up their sleeves and got
Michael Kors handbag outlet professional," says Shashank.

Keep it short and positive

If you are declining a job offer because you have accepted another, it is okay to say so. However, do not rub
Cheap Michael Kors handbags it in by saying, "I must decline your job offer, because I’ve already accepted a better one," or "I have accepted a job that pays better," or "I don’t think I can meet all your expectations," or
fake Michael Kors "I don’t think your organisation is the best fit for me."

You can show your gratitude, but avoid mentioning details of the position you’re accepting. Let the HR manager know you were impressed by the organisation and have carefully considered the offer, but you are accepting a position that better suits your career objectives.

The company already realises your value (which is
michael kors handbags outlet why it has made you an offer), so don’t tout your credentials and accomplishments. Keep your letter short and sweet.

A sample letter

Dear Mr Sharma,

Thank you for offering me the position of Marketing Manager. I appreciate your efforts in explaining the career advancement and growth opportunities in your company.

After careful consideration, I regretI must decline your offer as I have accepted another opportunity that is more in line with my career goals. I greatly appreciate the time and effort that you and Mr Dayal invested in interviewing me.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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Various Fashion Designs of Retro Eyeglasses

If anyone let me use three words to describe retro eyeglasses, I would definitely
fake Michael Kors say that retro eyeglasses are fashion, classic, and unique. I dare say that no other eyeglasses in the world would compete with the special charm of retro eyeglasses. The special charm of retro eyeglasses mostly lies in its incomparable designs. Now let me summarize some major characters on the designs of retro eyeglasses.

First and foremost, the frames of retro eyeglasses are different from normal frames. Generally speaking, retro eyeglasses’ frames are a little bit over sized. It has enough reasons to use this interesting exaggerate styles. On one hand, big frames make one’s check look smaller and more beautiful by comparison. On the other hand, with this bold design, people would be willing to wear retro eyeglasses because it make them energetic cute and fashion. For those people who feel reluctant to wear eyeglasses for the fear of leaving a stiff or unsightly impression, retro
fake Michael Kors eyeglasses are their best choice. With the novel designs of retro eyeglasses frames, it is impossible to look rigid and spiritless.

The second significant factor of retro eyeglasses being classic is their refreshing colors. For the same style and series, different color may achieve different effects, and sometimes even the same commodity. Color itself has meanings, which also becomes the research object for color experts. The design of retro eyeglasses
Michael Kors handbags outlet makes full use of this color theory, and applies different colors to different styles. Aimed at different ages of customers, retro eyeglasses employ various colors. For example, brown is mature and sexy color, so it is more proper to
cheap Michael Kors use it for housewives target retro eyeglasses. Combining customers’ needs and trend in market, retro eyeglasses become more and more widely suitable.

Only by continual improvement and innovation can eyeglasses be permanent in the market, which is exactly retro eyeglasses have.

Have ever thought about free eyeglasses or got free ones? If the answer is negative, a piece of good news will perk you up. An optical online store called Firmoo offers free glasses of trendy styles and attractive colors waiting for you. In
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet details, free glasses
fake Michael kors handbags outlet include free frame, 1.50 single vision lenses and complimentary accessories. The way of getting free glasses is too simple to believe. You only visit their site and you will get the chance to buy you a pair of free glasses. By the way, free eyeglasses are available for first time customers of firmoo only. One pair per person. Excited about this? Free prices don’t mean inferior quality. It is said that lots of glasses wearers have got much benefits from these high quality eyewear. What comes to your
cheap michael kors mind while getting to know these free eyeglasses?Articles Connexes:

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